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Monorail Development in South Africa

ABRA has been granted a contract to build a monorail in South Africa's Smart City as a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) project.

ABRA will hold the contract to build, operate and administer the monorail for 35 years before transferring back to the Smart City corporation.

Smart City South Africa

ABRA has signed an agreement with Group Shumba to develop the first true green smart city in South Africa. This initiative is supported by the African Union Diaspora Initiative, Lead Investor Africa Foundation, and KwaZulu Natal Province Government.

ABRA has also been granted leasehold rights to land, which is allocated for the development of a hotel resort and harbor marina within the first phase of the Smart City.

Vertical Farming in the City

As part of our humanitarian efforts we will be investing in the development of farming within the city limits by redeveloping abandoned factories, or other suitable vacant land in the city.

Imagine the potential return for a business that is able to provide a sustainable source of affordable, high quality food On-Demand and on virtually any site, in close proximity to consumer markets.

Phase One – Commercial, Residential and Farming Highrise Development

ABRA’s objective is to build the first highrise that incorporates commercial space, residential condos for sale and rent, and dedicated floors to Vertical farming. The first of such buildings will be constructed in Vancouver and then in Toronto.

Commercial Development With A
Humanitarian Flair

Through a joint partnership, ABRA intends to create a community within a city that supports housing solutions and educational programs for lower income individuals and families to enhance quality of life for those who are willing to work for it.

Space will be incorporated for businesses, career development and employment assistance centers.

The concept as a Real Estate Developer using 3D technology will allow ABRA to earn a profit for the purpose of reinvestment into community projects. The 3D development concept will be a joint partnership, while ABRA retaining full ownership of all real estate projects built and financed by ABRA.

Administration for Cosmetic Manufacturing

ABRA is providing administration services for a future certified organic cosmetic manufacturer, which has not released a time as to when they will be promoting their products just yet. We have reviewed the concept and have done a comparative analysis and feel the new company will elicit attention rather quickly. We do look forward to announcing the opening and will keep our readers posted.

How to feed a hungry city

The Globe and Mail


How does Toronto's garden grow? With fish farms, rooftop planters and vegetable patches all in a row. The city has become a leader in urban agriculture, but there's worry public awareness is lagging as new projects struggle to take root?

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