Nabil Motala

Nabil Motala
President & CEO

Nabil’s mission statement is in part a result of his upbringing. As a youth, he benefited from a family life that encompassed travel and living in a wide array of disparate locations and cultures across four continents. Nabil’s father and grandfather, respected international business people, instilled in him a global perspective on economic development and commercial opportunities. Their marketplace was the world.

Part of their legacy to Nabil was an understanding of the relationship and synergy that exists between seemingly unconnected situations or events. They taught him through mentoring and example, the commercial advantages of both lateral and long vision. That does not preclude the ability to be opportunistic, but strategic planning and implementation was their modus operandi, of which Nabil has excelled.

Nabil’s experience is quite extensive, and challenges started early when at age fifteen he created Westworth enterprise, an import company for perfumes and accessories.

Nabil continued to grow and research other avenues to develop his knowledge on business principals and economics. His second venture was a real estate investment with ownership of his first house at the age of 17. He soon found himself working with Ottawa’s elite real estate developers. Nabil’s keen sense for identifying an opportunity and foresight helped in the development of his professional growth.

Nabil has honed his experience over a 35 year span and includes activities in:

  • Research and identifying new markets and business opportunities
  • Identify and research public companies or shells for IPO’s or RTO’s
  • Managed and sat on the advisory board of three publicly traded companies
  • Identify market viability, potential and product readiness through feasibility studies and analytical research
  • Facilitate key human resources from around the globe to achieve specific tasks in product development, marketing, technical and non-technical research and transferring technology
  • As a private investment banker in an non-institutional way, oversaw the development of business and marketing plans for internal structure and organization or to entertain investors for corporate growth, expansion, partnerships, M&A’s, buyouts or initiating a public offerings
  • Locate and secure operating and venture capital
  • Directly managed teams of over 1500 people
  • Negotiated strategic agreements for M&A’s, joint ventures, partnerships, teaming agreements, etc.

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