Experienced Management Team

Management Team and Associates

The Management Committee for Abra is responsible for all legal and administrative activities of the company. The committee will also maintain the company policy and its strategic direction.

Overview of the Management Committee

  • Committed to the vision, mission and values of the company.
  • Provide strategic direction and monitoring plans.
  • To monitor and evaluate the company’s progress.
  • Reporting the activities of the company for the purpose of evaluation.

Accountability & Legal Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that the company complies with its governing bylaws.
  • Ensuring that the company keeps to the law, including charity involvement.
  • Ensuring that the company makes efficient use of its financial and human resources, according to the plans and budgets.
  • The Committee will be responsible for maintaining risks to the company’s staff, volunteers and service users, by regulating all operations that are at an acceptable level.

Managing Volunteers

  • The Committee will also be responsible of the management and recruitment of volunteers and the training accordingly to the designation.

Meet Our Team

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Nabil Motala
President & CEO
Management Committee

Roland Renner
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Economist

Khaled Sukayri
VP, Business Development
Management Committee

Maurino Paradiso
VP Customer Service Manager

Beat Webber
Management Committee

Osmar Mazza
Security Advisor

Heather Motala
VP, Media & Communications

Legal Counsel ABRA works with:

Alex Sullivan, LLB

Grant Seabolt, Esq

Support Staff

The rest of Abra’s team provides the backbone to the overall objectives, by providing compliance and security and the research and analysis for identifying new opportunities with a total support staff of fifteen. As each team member joins Abra they do so, only because they share the same concurrent goals. Making Abra almost synchronised in its efforts to establish securer investments with a higher probability of success.

Alliances and Partners

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